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Pankaj's greatest wish

Pankaj was born into this world in March of 2013. It's neither his nor his parents fault that he was born with a cleft lip and palate. Despite all the research on the possible causes - fate and chance determined that Pankaj was born this way. 

His parents are shocked and helpless. Both of them take loving care of their little one. But their son is increasingly being teased and excluded by the others. In the end, Pankaj just wants to stay indoors by himself and play with his stones. There the - in the meantime - three-year old would sit on the bare clay floor while his mother prepares chapattis over the open fire. Here he is safe from the other villagers' hurtful comments and the laughter of the children. Pankaj only has one wish: he just wants to look like the other children.

A difficult situation

But his chance of getting the treatment he needs for his condition is low: Pankaj was born in Bihar, India's poorest state. There is no hospital in the area and his parents could never afford to go to a proper doctor. Conditions are very difficult for the people of Bihar. Most of them are farmers and heavily dependent on the weather. Winters can be bitterly cold and summers searing hot. The monsoon brings the long-awaited rain. If the monsoon does not come, crops are lost and hunger threatens. The dwellings in the villages are simple, without means for heating or cooling and often without electricity. The family's world is limited to an area of just a couple of kilometres. Access to facilities that could offer aid is rarely available. In order to survive, family, village community and (in this region Hindu) faith are of utmost importance!

A happy end for Pankaj - thanks to people like you!

Seeing how her son is suffering is especially difficult for Pankaj's mother. It is almost like a miracle to her, when our educational workers arrive unexpectedly at the village. Word about the child's fate had travelled around and been picked up by one of our staff members. A short while later, Pankaj is successfully operated on by our head surgeon Dr Uma Shankar in the cleft centre Patna. Dr Shankar, a very cordial and humorous colleague, will continue to care for the little boy.

Pankaj is grateful for his new "normal face". Finally accepted by the others and out from his isolation, he can enjoy every day playing with his friends.

Pankaj's operation only cost 250 Euros!

Join the effort by donating so that we can help other children like Pankaj and provide them with the care they need!

Pankaj's greatest wish
Pankaj's greatest wish