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Since its founding in 2002, Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe was financed in excess of 90% through donations from private persons, foundations, service clubs and companies/businesses. From 2009 onwards closely defined project-related public funding by the German Federal Foreign Office, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, and state financing were added.

The largest part of the donations are used to provide the direct medical and therapeutic services in the project countries. The local administrations are very efficient and organised by the project partners themselves. Our charitable society does not have any own development workers or organisations in the project countries that would have to be paid according to German standards. The medical development work provided from Germany is undertaken on a voluntary basis.

How we operate

Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe operates roughly like a overseas health insurance company for needy patients and their families who otherwise would not be able to afford treatment for their children. The payments for surgery, therapies, education and the transport of the children are made on a monthly basis from Germany directly to the various countries.

The costs of administration and fund-raising here in Germany are below the thresholds set in the guidelines of the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI). Accordingly, DZI has awarded their seal of quality for trustworthy charities to Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe. In accordance with the standards set by the DZI the annual financial statements are assessed by an independent auditor. The publication follows in the extended annual report, which is made available as download through our website in October of every year.

Efficient work

Since receiving the DZI seal the costs of procurement and management in the overall annual expenses since 2009 have been between 27.33% and 21.77%. We are happy to report a very favorable trend towards lower expenses and higher spending on projects: The income from donations in 2018 was 2.088 million Euros. Total expenses were 2.125 million Euros, with 37,000 Euros coming from reserves. Of the 2.125 million Euros spent, 1.69 million Euros were used to provide aid, meaning that total expenses for administration and donation acquisition amounted to only 20% of spending.

Development of spending for aid purposes

Services rendered 2009: 916.012,33 €
Services rendered 2010: 1.070.178,49 €
Services rendered 2011: 974.050,48 €
Services rendered 2012: 1.107.778,47 €
Services rendered 2013: 1.169.824,94 €
Services rendered 2014: 1.236.560,70 €
Services rendered 2015: 1.059.378,27 €
Services rendered 2016: 1.340.943,43 €
Services rendered 2017: 1.605.089,28 €
Services rendered 2018: 1.690.000,00 €