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Surgeries and comprehensive care urgently needed

We have been operating on cleft children for more than 10 years. With our five highly qualified and experienced head surgeons and their teams we perform up to 1.500 surgeries per year. Our long-term goal is to reduce the number of untreated cleft patients (we assume a backlog of 100.000 such cases in Bangladesh) and to treat all newborn cleft children as early as possible (yearly we assume 5.000 new born cleft children in Bangladesh).

To further expand our effort our next goal is to open a comprehensive cleft care (CCC) center in Bangladesh. All our surgeons are looking forward to change the current situation, where almost all patients and their families from the poorer parts of the population do not have access to any cleft treatment beyond the basic surgery, which in a CCC program is only the first step in a long multidisciplinary treatment process to give the patients the best possible functionality and quality of life.

As a first step we will add orthodontic treatment and speech therapy treatment options to our portfolio, in addition to our already ongoing educational work on the treatability of cleft deformations. This kind of educational work is vital since many in the poor segments of the population are not even aware of the possibility of treating cleft.

Join us!

Please join us and support the effort to increase the breadth and scope of our treatment offerings in Bangladesh. The Cleft Group is one of the main international organizations promoting and delivering comprehensive cleft care there. Cleft children need long-term support, with further treatments often being necessary until adulthood. Thus we are looking for long-term sponsorships to take decisive steps forward.

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To learn more about our work in Bangladesh please visit our dedicated country website CleftBangladesh.org